Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m Carol. I’m an open book, or an open blog, rather. I started this blog a long time ago and wrote now and then. But my life drastically changed in December 2014 when my daughter was born, still.

I’ve been sharing my story for a few years now, from the story of our daughter Joanna, our journey through fertility struggles, miscarriage, stillbirth, grief and healing. And now, I share a little about parenting after loss and our rainbow baby.

More about me… I am a wife to a wonderful husband, the love of my life and the first man I ever kissed. I am a mama to two babies in Heaven, “Bean” – a miscarried little one at 6 weeks and Joanna Rose, a perfectly formed, beautiful girl, who was stillborn on December 29, 2014. I am also a mama to Leo, our perfect rainbow baby, a puppy mom, writer, marketing professional, Diet Coke drinker, Dunkin’ Donuts lover and, most importantly, a Jesus follower.

[Still] Gracious, the blog, comes from a special place in my heart. We named our daughter Joanna after her maternal grandmother. The name means “God is gracious.” We found in the weeks after our daughter was born that God is, still, gracious. Even in stillbirth, in our deepest sorrows, in our greatest need, He gives more grace. We felt loved. We felt supported. We felt comfort. From God, from the family and friends He graciously gave us. When our world fell out from beneath us, He was still there. Still giving us grace. And we are still surviving.

James 4:6a – But He gives more grace.


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