Dear Joanna (12.14.15)

Dear Joanna:

Today is a hard day for me. Not only because I miss you, not only because I wish you were here for Christmas, not only because it’s not fair that you’re gone, but because a year ago today is the last time we saw you moving and wiggling around on the sonogram.

A year. Already.

The next thing I know it’s going to be your birthday and I don’t have you to hug and cuddle and take pictures.

I was thinking back to the sonogram and I still wonder why your measurements being farther behind than ever (you lost almost a week of growth in three week’s time) didn’t raise some sort of red flag? I wonder if someone had thought to give that a second look, if you would still be here? Would it have made a difference? Was the damage already done?

I suppose you know the answer to that. I’m sorry that I don’t and I’m sorry that we missed it and I’m sorry I couldn’t save you.

I’m so glad we had the opportunity to have a secondary anatomy scan a year ago today. Thank you for being uncooperative at your first scan. Thank you for the gift of seeing you on screen more often than most parents get to see their babies on screen. I think you knew we needed that time with you.

Miss you as much as ever, baby girl.




2 thoughts on “Dear Joanna (12.14.15)

  1. Mom says:

    I don’t understand any of it honey. But I am glad that you had the chance to see Joanna another time, she was beautiful, and I am sure she is even more beautiful now.

  2. everydayspirit1 says:

    Dearest, I wish we could see as the angels see. I have no idea how God decides who gets healed. But one thing I am sure of – that everything is in divine order, and that there is meaning and grace all around the short life of Joanna, and that you and Bill and your family will get to become something new and beautiful as a result of her life. Bless her, and bless you as you miss her beauty. ❤

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